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Today : 01 December 2023

file-conversion 9 minutes ago 24
The framework needs the following extension(s) installed and loaded: intl. - intl error

Codeigniter needs some extensions to run project. intl extension allows you to specify a locale for your PHP applications. When the intl extension is disabled on your server, this error occurs.

php-programming 8 hours ago 23
PDF to JPEG without losing quality

You can convert any pdf to jpeg without losing quality. You can also convert to PNG, WebP, SVG, and more formats.

editors 5 hours ago 42
How to open terminal in sublime text using shortcut

In contrast to Sublime Text Editor, Visual Studio Code provides a direct option for opening the Terminal. Sublime is easy to use, free of cost, memory-efficient, and capable of handling numerous proje

css, 20 hours ago 69
Image blending options in CSS

Image blending options in CSS

php-programming 20 hours ago 61
Display functions in javascript

Here are a few popular JavaScript methods and functions for information display.

css 2 minutes ago 70
CSS like button with text shadow effect

There are many method to make like button in web technology. Here we show you simple method using pure CSS.

php-programming 59 minutes ago 86
How to add element to php array

Adding an element to PHP array and removing an element from php array is very simple. PHP has in-built function to perform this. A function array_push() is used to add an element to PHP array

css 20 hours ago 89
Button hover transition in css

In CSS, you can create button transitions to make your buttons more interactive and visually appealing when a user hovers over or clicks on them. Button transitions can include changes in color, size,

php-programming 20 hours ago 90
Difference between two dates in php

There are many methods have to find out difference between two dates in php. A perfect method is using diff() function.